SolDocs- Solana Documents Sharing Protocol

Share Private Encrypted Documents On The Solana Blockchain Utilizing SolDocs

About SolDocs

SolDocs uses the robust and cost-effective capabilities of blockchain technology to offer a streamlined solution for secure document transmission. SolDocs dApp facilitates swift and immutable document transfers, enabling users to encrypt and exchange sensitive information without reliance on intermediaries or third-party services. With end-to-end encryption implemented as a top priority, SolDocs ensures that your documents remain safeguarded from unauthorized access throughout the exchange process. Bid farewell to complex document transfer protocols and embrace the vanguard of secure document exchange with SolDocs.

SolDocs Features

Direct Wallet-to-Wallet Transfers:

Seamless transfers of documents directly between Solana wallets. Users can securely send and receive documents with other wallet holders maintaining full control over their data.

End-To-End Encryption

Ensure document confidentiality and security during transmission, granting access only to authorized parties with corresponding private keys.

Solana Ecosystem

Built on the Solana blockchain, SolDocs provides unparalleled security and transparency for document transmission, recording every transaction on the blockchain for a tamper-proof and verifiable record.

Document Support

Seamless document transfer supporting PDF, Word, Excel, and Docs formats. Ideal for individuals and professionals, such as lawyers and medical practitioners, who require secure transmission of sensitive information.

Remove The Middle Man

Google Drive and Dropbox pose significant risks to data security due to their centralized storage model, making files susceptible to breaches and hacks. By using SolDocs you are sending documents directly from yourself to another person. There is no middle man or company involved in facilitating this transfer as everything is done using decentralized blockchain technology.


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Graham Bates

Master of Business Administration (MBA). Operated in the crypto space since 2017. Dedicated to the success of SolDocs!

dApp Developer:

Slobodan Kolaric

Senior blockchain dApp engineer and developer. Highly experienced full stack and certified blockchain developer. 

Chief marketing Officer:


Connecting SolDocs with powerful and well-respected twitter influencers driving growth and exposure.

Chief Advisor:


Visionary and mastermind behind dApp features and strategic positioning. A genuine man with his heart dedicated to SolDocs!

Share Private Encrypted Documents On The Solana Blockchain Utilizing SolDocs